Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ICC CCS Weekly Piracy Report (to 24 Apr 07)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Piracy Report found here. Highlights:
2.04.2007: 0750 UTC: Posn 20:38.7N - 059:17.0E, 20 nm NE of Masirah Island, Oman.
Three pirates, wearing face masks, in a white coloured speedboat approached a LPG tanker underway. They attempted to board from the stbd quarter using grappling hooks attached to ropes. While the pirates were attempting to board there were three other speed boats at a distance of 1 nm following the ship. Ship raised the alarm; crew mustered and took evasive action. Pirates aborted their attempt and moved away.
6.04.2007: 1630 LT: Posn: 07:58.36S - 116:33.01E, Bennette Bay, Indonesia.
Robbers armed with guns in 10 speed boats fired shots and attempted to board a general cargo ship at anchor. Ship owners contacted the Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) and asked for assistance. PRC contacted the Indonesian SAR and Navy HQ who acknowledged and informed the PRC that they have relayed the message to the local authorities to render necessary assistance. Meanwhile, master took evasive action by heaving anchor and proceeding to sea. Later the master informed PRC that three police personnel had boarded the ship. No one was injured.
Arrow on map points to Masirah Island, off Oman.

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