Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Russians grab a couple of "transgressor" vessels

Russian security forces nabbed a couple of flag of convenience ships that wandered into Russian waters, as set out here:
Two foreign transgressor vessels have been detained in Russia’s territorial waters near the Sakhalin Island during a special border operation under the codename Typhoon-2007, ITAR-TASS reports. The Bonsei Maru schooner flying the Belize flag intruded Russian territorial waters in the La Perouse Strait separating Sakhalin from the Japanese Hokkaido Island on Tuesday. The schooner was detained and is being convoyed to Nevelsk port for an investigation, the public relations group of the Sakhalin coast guard department of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reported.
On April 19, Russian border guards stopped the Miyazaki Maru motor ship in the Tatar Strait (north of the Sea of Japan) for an inspection. The vessel was sailing under the Cambodia flag. The inspectors found on board over 16 tonnes of live crab and the captain failed to produce any documents authorising its catch. Miyazaki Maru’s homeport is Pnomh Penh. The vessel’s owner is the Hong Kong-based Greter Line Shipping Limited company. The ship’s crew consists of 13 Russian citizens. The Miyazaki Maru was also convoyed to Nevelsk port for a probe. Border guars are currently using massive forces for

control over seafood catches in the Tatar Strait. Three patrol gunboats are patrolling the area and an Antonov-72 plane of the aviation detachment of Russia’s FSB is conducting aerial monitoring of the strait’s water area.
More on FSB here. Some background on the dispute between Russia and Japan over territorial waters here.

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