Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday fun with an older shade tree mechanic

Disc brake pad replacement is a 20-30 minute job if all goes well. Somedays all does not go well. Today I had the right pads, the right brake fluid, the right Allen head wrench. The right jack, the right jack stands (sorta, I can only get the brake a couple feet off the ground, but that can still work). Except, today, I ran into one of those brake caliper bolts that broke two tools, absorbed enough Liquid Wrench to loosen bolts 30 miles away. And took me down. It will not budge.

Not that I'm defeated, yet. I believe Archimedes had it in describing how a lever can move things:
Give Me a Place to Stand and I Will Move the Earth

Sadly, unless I dig a hole in my driveway, I will not have the angle of attack on the frozen bolt achieved by the guy in this video:
Of course, he's pretty excited about it. I can tell because I used to live in Nebraska and can recognize Cornhusker excitement when I see it.

I would be excited too, if someone has a bright idea that may ease my pain. This shade tree stuff was easier on my back 30 years ago.

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