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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remembering the Bonefish Rescue

Curt at Chaotic Synaptic Activity recalls a little naval history at A Date with Destiny - Part VI (which also has links to Parts I-V), when USS Bonefish had a fire and help was provided by a variety of components of the Navy team:
The LT Robert “Bob” Threlkeld was the Engineer Officer on CARR. CDR Johnson told him to get in the whaleboat, go over and find the CO of the BONEFISH, CDR Wilson, and bring him back aboard. Bob did. He told me he climbed aboard the sub and walked among the crew until he found the CO. He noted the smoke coming from the hatches was the worst thing he had ever smelled.
Three men died, but, as noted in the piece, without a courageous decision by the sub's CO, it could have been much worse.

Read the whole thing.

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