Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Latest ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report (to 24 Apr 07)

Latest ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report (to 24 Apr 07) found here. Highlights:
1. GULF OF ADEN: There has been no let up in Gulf of Aden smuggling deaths, per
10 Apr reporting. Mariners are advised to be aware of the potential need to render assistance
to stranded migrants, or the need to ward off unscrupulous smugglers while transiting the Gulf
of Aden, particularly between Bosaso, Somalia (11:17.04N 049:10.56E) and Bir Ali, Yemen
(14:01.30N 048:20.30E).
3. INDIA: The Indian Navy has decided to install radars at seven places covering
around 500 km along Tamil Nadu coast to monitor activities at sea in the aftermath
of increased attacks on Indian fishermen, per 4 Apr reporting. Officials said the seven
radars will be fixed at the coastal areas of Rameswaram, Thondi, Jagathapattanam,
Mallipattnam, Kodiyakkari, Thopputhurai and Nagapattinam. The marine surveillance
radars would be attached to the commanding facility at the Rameswaram detachment
and would cover 500 km from Nagapattinam to Tuticorin, officials said. The instruments
also will be interlinked electronically bringing the entire Rameswaram coast under radar
network (LM: India Defence)
6. GULF OF ADEN: Product tanker reported attempted boarding 11 Apr while underway
in position 15:14N-052:25.8E. The tanker reported that two speedboats doing a speed of 18
knots were chasing the vessel with the intent to board. The tanker reported the speedboats
moved away after a Coalition helicopter arrived on scene. The ship and all crewmembers are
safe (IMB).
7. GULF OF ADEN: RO/RO vessel reported suspicious approach 12 Apr at 0600 UTC
in position 15:13N-052:57E. The suspicious speedboat was doing approximately 20 knots
and was steering in various directions. At one point it proceeded on an apparent collision
course with the RO/RO vessel for five minutes. Later it proceeded in a southerly direction
and disappeared out of sight. The speedboat did not come close enough for a positive
identification but the following description was provided: approximately six meters long,
light colored, two or three men on board. No other vessels were in the area at the time of the
encounter. ONI Comment: this incident occurred approximately 35 NM ESE from the
attempted boarding incident reported the day before (UKMTO).

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