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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Odd update on the missing Aussie yacht crew

Okay, this missing yacht crew thing just gets stranger, as set out in this piece titled Missing ghost ship skipper 'somewhere dark':
RELATIVES of the skipper of a mystery yacht found off the coast of north Queensland believe they have a spiritual link with the missing man, that he may have been kidnapped and is still alive.

Hope Himing, niece of Derek Batten, 56, said today there were many unusual circumstances surrounding the yacht, which was found off the coast of Townsville last Wednesday.

Ms Himing said she and her mother had both felt spiritual contact from Derek, whom they believed was still alive but fighting for his life.

"My mum and I are both Spiritualists. My mum's had a really strong feeling from Des that he's somewhere dark and he can't see and I don't feel that he's dead either," Ms Himing said.

"I don't think he's got a lot left in him but I actually don't think he's dead, and so everything we can do to get (people) out there looking again is a huge thing."
Arrow on map points to general vicinity of yacht when found.

Don't kidnappers generally contact the families and demand something - like, oh, say, ransom? Wouldn't they take valuables, just like pirates would?

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