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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Latest ICC CCS Piracy Report (to 17 Apr 07)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Piracy Report (to 17 Apr 07) here:
13.04.2007: 1500 UTC: Posn 11:57N 060:23E, 350 NM East of Socotra (arrow points to Socotra on map), Arabian Sea. A speed boat, doing 20 kts was sighted on radar at a distance of 8 nm of a bulk carrier underway. Anti piracy measures taken by crew. The suspicious craft closed to a distance of 2 nm and then aborted the chase. The craft was seen heading towards the African coast.
11.04.2007: 0930 UTC: Posn: 15:14N - 052:25E, Gulf of Aden. Pirates in two speed boats chased a product tanker underway with intent to board. The C/O contacted the Piracy Reporting Centre, in Malaysia, for assistance. The centre contacted coalition naval forces at Bahrain and a warship and a helicopter were dispatched to render assistance to ship. Meanwhile ship took extra measures to prevent boarding by pirates. When a helicopter arrived the two speed boats aborted the attempt and moved away. Ship continued her voyage to her destination port. All crew are safe.

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