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Monday, April 23, 2007

Speaking of Greenland

In my post here, part of the discussion was devoted to the SIRIUS dog sledge patrols of that island.

Reader Richard Evans, a retired Navy guy, works in Greenland, at Thule AIr Base (about which more here) conveniently located "695 miles North of the Arctic Circle, and 947 miles south of the North Pole on the Northwest side of the island of Greenland. The base is approximately 550 miles east of the North Magnetic Pole." Richard sent me a link to some of his photos of the area which is

Polarbearbait? Hmmm.

Here's a shot from the "Summertime" folder showing part of the base:

7_16_ Tower

And shot of a dog team:

06105 (42)

Thanks, Richard! Go visit his photos!

By the way, here's how the Thule AB site lets you know what you get with Thule:
We experience twenty-four hours of sunlight from early April until late August. Total darkness usually starts around the third week of November and can last until the first brief sunrise, in February. Our winter storm season runs from 15 September through 15 May; however, we have experienced severe storms during every month of the year. During the brief summer months, the storms are normally high winds with little or no precipitation. During the winter months, storms are at best very challenging and must be taken seriously. We do provide parkas and other storm gear for our visitors, and everyone should bring a warm hat.

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