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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tamil Tigers "dismantle" captured ship

Reported here:
The chairman of the Salam International Transport and Trading Company, Saeed Suleiman, said earlier this week that it was no longer possible to recover the Jordanian ship, Farah 3, which was seized by Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers in December 2006.

In a statement to Al Rai newspaper, Suleiman said Tamil Tigers had actually dismantled the vessel and stolen its cargo of 14,000 tonnes of Indian rice bound for South Africa.
Farah 3 was seized by the pirates at the end of last year when it drifted into rebel waters after developing engine trouble. The ship was scheduled to stop in the Sri Lankan port of Colombo for refuelling before continuing to South Africa.

Tamil Tiger pirates boarded the vessel firing four warning shots and forced the ship's 25 crew members to board rebel boats.
Tamil propaganda pages on crew turnover here. Earleir posts on capture here (Crew says" "It was piracy") and here (initial ppst).

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