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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Somali Pirates: CTF-151 Units Stop Pirate Attack

Turkish and Danish destroyers used their helicopters to stop a pirate assault on a Vietnamese ship in the Gulf of Aden. Both are units of CTF-151, an anti-piracy task force in the the GOA. Reported here:
The U.S. Fifth fleet says Danish and Turkish warships have foiled a pirate attack in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Yemen.
The Vietnamese ship Saturday reported that it was under attack from two fast-moving skiffs with an unknown number of pirates on board.
The Danish warship and Turkish frigate both sent helicopters to assist the Vietnamese ship, and the alleged pirates fled.

The Danish and Turkish ships are both part of a multinational task force designed to combat piracy off the Somali coast.
While the pirates have not stopped their activities in the Gulf of Aden, their efforts have not been as successful as in earlier months before the various naval units and task forces arrived in the area.

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