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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Reading

Michael Yon writes a dispatch from Afghanistan.

From CDR Salamander -removing a live RPG from a living patient. Major Oh and the medical team and an EOD named SFC Brown save SPC Moss life at no small risk. Next time someone talks about some rock star as a "hero" left them know what heroism really is. When you are scared and you do what needs to be done anyway . . .

It's Friday - so naturally it's time for Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 170!

The health care plans assembled by people who need to buy votes to stay in office? CBO Chief: Health Bills To Increase Federal Costs. The "over-under" on him keeping his job is two weeks.

Speaking of which, this flow chart

about the proposed health care system reminded me of Dr. James H. Boren's "three dimensional organization chart" (from his out of print book on professional bureaucrats, When in Doubt, Mumble)

... except Dr. Boren's was meant to be a joke. And was easier to understand.

Further to which, my congressman emails me again, this time asking about my health care:

You might note that the responses to "Which of the following do you believe are the most critical components for healthcare reform?" do not include:
1. Tort reform - no lawyer should become a multi-millionaire due to another person's suffering
2. Leave the system alone
3. Get illegal immigrants off the free health care gravy train
4. Improve health saving accounts and making sure there are nationwide insurance programs for "catastrophic" health care coverage.
5. Vouchers for "wellness care"for the poorest among us.
6. Go "solve" something easier - like illegal immigration, why we have "Department of Education" or a "Department of Energy". . .

Or maybe Congressman Miller meant it to be a joke.
Probably not.

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