Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 169, with photos of Long Island Sound ferries, and, as usual,
much, much more.

A report that a sponsor of piracy off Somalia is being invited to the U.S. by Congress here, a report which is partially editorial. I wonder if anyone in Congress has the nads and sense of humor to paraphrase Captain Renault ("I'm shocked, shocked to find that piracy is going on in Puntland!"):
This is part of frequent wrong US policies towards former Somalia, which always calls for failed unity of Somalia and overlooks the growing democracies in the region like Republic of Somaliland. The US supports the shaky transitional government of Somalia in Mogadishu for last 20 years without results. US Congress and Government wasted enough money to restore hope in Somalia; however, it is time to look into other alternatives like Somaliland. Somaliland established democratic government without outside aid.

Puntland hosts thousands of Somali pirates without proper action taken against them; even the pirates are considered “Kings in Piratestan”. They marry most beautiful girls and own luxury cars and houses.

A sobering reason to keep the government from operating businesses.

Brickmuppet has an odd- very odd- look at leadership and courage. Yes, it's old Saturday morning cartoons. Takes about 5 minutes. The Navy will probably soon adopt it as the "new' LMET.

Galrahn starts an open thread about "small ships". You know my answer.

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