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Monday, March 15, 2010

Yemeni Coast Guard Arrests Iranian Ship

Reported as Yemen seizes Iranian vessel -
Yemeni officials with the help of international forces arrested the crew of an Iranian ship believed to be carrying illegal drugs, authorities said Monday.
Yemen blamed Iran for supporting the Houthi rebel movement that preoccupied military forces during the latter half of 2009. Tehran denied the charges.

Iran's Press TV, meanwhile, quotes Abdel Karim al-Ariani, a Yemeni presidential adviser, as saying Tehran "plays no role" in the violence plaguing Yemen.

Good on the Yemeni Coast Guard.

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  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Eagle 1, what do you think about the timing of this "illegal seize" taking into consideration the actual security issues and regional political relishionships especially with the GCC's and Yemen?