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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somali Pirates: Insurance Executive Suggests, "Shoot the pirates" reports on a speech given by an insurance executive that contains some blunt advice, at Shipping news -
Ready? Aim?  . . .
Aon K&R chief electrifies India Shipping Summit piracy session with ‘Don’t fire above their heads, put a bullet in their body’ call.
I'll bet there were a lot of panties in a twist after that advice was proffered at the India Shipping Summit.

Of course, it's all in the context. He also suggests armed guards on ships (well, of course, otherwise, how could pirate fire be returned!). He did couch the advice with a "if necessary," which will probably go unreported and unexamined, but which is really the key qualifier in his advice. Sort of when you are under pirate attack and "when all else fails," don't you know.

There is a video at the TradeWinds site.

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