Friday, October 14, 2011

Somali Pirates: Suspicious Activity Near Pakistan

Pirates lurk along commercial shipping lanes
NATO Shipping Center alerts for 14 Oct 11 NSC | All Alerts:
NSC4: Warning- Suspicious Activity 14/10/2011 17:45 2429N 06347E Suspicious Activity
At 1743Z a merchant vessel was approached by 4 skiffs, at approximately 2nm. The skiffs ceased the approach at 1835Z

No weapons were seen.
This situation is in the northern Arabian Sea, near NSC 3: Suspicious Activity.

A broader view. Pirate motherships allow long range operations by the pirates
Masters are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when proceeding through this area.

NSC 3: WARNING - Suspicious Activity 14/10/2011 15:40 2142N 06401E Suspicious Activity
At 1542Z a merchant vessel was approached by 2-3 skiffs in position 2142N 06401E.

These skiffs closed the vessel and gotten within 0.5nm, and is following the vessel astern.

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