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Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Reading

CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday the Tirpitz as a cautionary tale?

A little more directly, Galrahn has a couple of posts that ought to get you thinking about the Navy of the future - one on mine warfare and the littoral combat ship and one on the SSGN as a partial(?) alternative to DDG-1000 (as currently thought about) here.

UPDATE: Lots of practical experience, paid for the hard way, to be found in this piece available at the Small Wars Journal Blog - the piece being Confronting Iran Securing Iraq’s Border: An Irregular Warfare Concept. Iran knows that asymmetric warfare is its only real option in taking on the U.S., so it makes sense to be thinking irregular warfare...

Some good stuff:
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Forces and their irregular sub-elements, such as al Quds (Jerusalem) Force, enact disruptive activities against western interests and sectarian factions. They coordinate extremist group, insurgent, and resistance actions on behalf of the Iranian regime agenda through a chain of command up to the Ayatollah. The IRGC Quds Force trains foreign personnel in Iran and abroad to organize and participate in terrorism and subversion. The Quds force is allegedly the pre-eminent force behind Iran’s involvement in Iraq. Conventional US military or political action in opposition to the Quds, however, has been ineffective against their cloaked operations; autonomous, decentralized, operational networks; and safe havens in Iran.

The US must halt Iran’s meddling in Middle Eastern peace initiatives to ensure regional stability and the security of US forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are serious obstacles to operations countering Iran. Any attempt by the US military to engage the Quds across Iran’s border would be viewed internationally as a violation of Iran’s sovereignty and an attack against Iran. Sanctions and political efforts against Iran have proven to be ineffective. The US must also act swiftly to reduce the mounting pressures of area allies like Turkey from exploiting the Iraqi situation while American hands are tied in the regional commitment.

The proposed solution presented in this report involves an augmentation of SOF along the Iraqi border to thwart illicit arms traffic, infiltration activity, and insurgency support. This solution for the Iraq/Iran border can be applied elsewhere in the region. SOF units have historically provided border security and can again successfully control border traffic. Enhanced capabilities in recon, direct action, information operations, unconventional warfare, and local commerce exchanges—to include animal and drug trade—would further bolster SOF efficacy. More aggressive US “small-war” initiatives can destroy, disrupt, interdict, and deter the elusive Iranian alliances and complex networks supporting Iraq’s civil clashes through their recruitment, motivation, procurement, sanctuary, and funds. It is through these support groups that the Quds and other Iranian elements create the ability to operate against the US.
And, over at Steeljaw's place, some Zoomie does Flight Deck Friday (a prize for slipping by the Navy in the Valour IT competition) with a look at Hustler...

Not that Hustler, but the B-58 variety...

I should add that I grew up as a SAC brat and never ever saw a B-58 except as a Revell model kit...

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