Thursday, November 08, 2007

John Kerry's Shaggy Dog Story

John Kerry just won't settle for being a U.S. Senator.

So, to help him out in his quest for higher office, I'm looking for anyone who served with Mr. Kerry in Vietnam on Swift Boats who is willing to step forward to verify the following story:

Do you have any pets that have made an impact on you personally?

When I was serving on a swiftboat in Vietnam, my crewmates and I had a dog we called VC. We all took care of him, and he stayed with us and loved riding on the swiftboat deck. I think he provided all of us with a link to home and a few moments of peace and tranquility during a dangerous time. One day as our swiftboat was heading up a river, a mine exploded hard under our boat. After picking ourselves up, we discovered VC was MIA. Several minutes of frantic search followed after which we thought we'd lost him. We were relieved when another boat called asking if we were missing a dog. It turns out VC was catapulted from the deck of our boat and landed confused, but unhurt, on the deck of another boat in our patrol.

With at least two crews involved, six degrees of separation logic should mean that someone should know someone who can support his claim. Or not.

Much earlier posts on the flying dog here and here.

He's still upset with the Swift Boat men (to whose organization I have given money and in whose ranks I know people).

But the liar responsible for his downfall has the initials JFK.

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