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Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on the Seabourn Spirit Latest Pirate (?) Adventure

A follow-on to this report of some possible new pirate trouble for the Seabourn Spirit cruise ship-

Was it much ado about nothing? See Cruise Critic News: Was Seabourn Spirit Encountered by Pirates ... Again?:
But this time, thankfully, appears to have been a false alarm.

Seabourn spokesman Bruce Good tells us that on the morning of November 16, outbound from Salalah, Oman, headed for Khasab, Oman, Seabourn Spirit saw three speedboats approaching portside. As is standard operating procedure, the captain sent the security officers aft and notified the regional authority, which happened to be the Royal Navy based at Dubai.

"[The Royal Navy] replied that they had an 'asset' 80 nautical miles away and asked if he required assistance," Good tells us. "[The captain] said no, that there appeared to be no threat to the ship but that it was 'good to know.' They told him to call if he needed anything. Next message from them was that they were sending a helicopter, but by then the boats were gone. The encounter had lasted just a few minutes. The helicopter did arrive, but as noted the boats were gone. There is nothing to indicate that these were pirates -- seems more likely they were curious to see what our ship was."
Better safe than...

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