Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yemen and al Qaeda

Jane Novak of Armies of Liberation hits the big time with Yemen's Truce with al Qaeda.

If you don't read Jane, you are missing out. And if you can read Jane, you probably aren't in Yemen.

As she notes about her blog:
In the last three years, the Yemeni government tried to bribe me, planted insulting and crazy stories in the yellow press, said I was a terrorist and suggested a foreign government arrest me, blocked my website, unblocked it and reblocked it, called me a Zionist, an opposition stooge, CIA, an Iranian agent and a woman of ill repute, and now…(drumroll please), produced an entirely fraudulent document as evidence in a court case:

The prosecution showed al-Khaiwani an English letter translated into Arabic from a woman called “Jean,” which informed him that “al-Houthi told you that they were going to America for two weeks. They told you that [al-Houthi] would speak with congress and discuss the results with you.”

All I need is a death threat and I’ll be a real Yemeni.
You want to talk about "truth to power?"

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