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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The kind of press money can't buy

Cameroon: U.S. Navy Brings Food for Orphans, Patients :
The U.S. Navy Thursday, December 6 handed over a consignment of food to the Catholic Relief Service, CRS, at a brief ceremony on board a visiting US Naval vessel in Limbe, USS Fort McHenry.

Captain John B. Nowell, the US Commanding Officer of the Africa Partnership Station, APS, programme said the gifts were donations from private individuals back in the US and destined to assist patients and children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.

He said the consignment was made up of 15 pallets of cartons of rice, sandwiched with other nutritive additives and packed in sachets.The CRS Country Representative, Jennifer Nazaire, said the relief aid would go to assist "the poorest of the poor" in the Bamenda Archdiocese and the Buea Diocese.

On behalf of the Bishop of Buea, Joseph Ndifor said the offer was very timely because the Diocese was about to begin an integrated AIDS Services programme.The Director in charge of the Southwest National AIDS Programme, Dr. Rose Forchingong, said 50 percent of an AIDS patient's body need was food while anti-retrovirals make up 25 percent and the balance of 25 percent is for psychosocial needs.

The Assistant SDO of Fako, Johnson Malafa, thanked the US Navy for ferrying the food to Cameroon and said that if such partnership is continued, many more people are going to benefit.

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