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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Latest ICC CCS Weekly Piracy Report (to 10 Dec 07)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Weekly Piracy Report (to 10 Dec 07)can be found here. Highlights:
07.12.2007: 0206 UTC: 06:14N – 003:22E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.
Two pirates, armed with guns and knives, boarded a bulk carrier drifting. The pirates tied up the aft watchmen. The forward watchman sighted the pirates, ran into the accommodation and locked all entrance doors. Duty officer informed, alarm raised and crew mustered. Pirates immediately jumped overboard and fled in the waiting wooden motor boat. The two watchmen had light injuries. Port control informed.

28.11.2007 late evening off Lagos, Africa.
In what appeared to be a military launch with twelve armed robbers dressed in military fatigues approached the tanker at anchor. Nine persons boarded the vessel and ordered the master to disembark into their launch. The master refused and escaped towards the accommodation. The robbers opened fire on the master. Luckily, the master escaped unhurt. While searching and looting the accommodation, the robbers took as hostage, the 2nd officer, one A/B and the cook. The three hostages were released after 90 minutes in exchange for cash and cigarettes. On 29.11.2007, the master received a phone call, threatening him that the robbers would attack again in the next port.

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