Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Latest ICC CCS Weekly Piracy Report (to 17 December 07)

The latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Weekly Piracy Report can be found here.

16.12.2007: 2115 UTC: 08:48.5N-013:57.0W: Sierra Leone.
Eight pirates armed with ak47 guns in military like fatigues boarded a chemical tanker underway. They stole crew personal belongings, ship’s properties and escaped. No injuries to crew.
# Gulf of Aden / Red Sea : A number of suspicious craft reports have been received. These craft either set a collision course, or pursue the ships. Mariners advised to be cautious. In the past, some of the vessels have been fired upon.

# Somalian waters : The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre has received 26 actual and attempted attacks so far this year. Many more attacks may have gone unreported. Some pirates are dangerous and would fire their automatic weapons at ships to stop them. Occasionally, they would use their RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launchers at ships. Pirates are believed to be using “mother vessels” to launch attacks at very far distance from coast. These “mother vessel” is able to proceed to very far out to sea to launch smaller boats to attack and hijack passing ships. Eastern and Northeastern coasts are high risk areas for attacks and hijackings. Vessels not making scheduled calls to ports in Somalia should keep as far away as possible from the Somali coast, ideally more than 200 nautical miles. Mariners are also advised to report any suspicious boats to the Centre.

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