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Monday, August 17, 2009

MV Arctic Sea "Found" and "Crew Rescued?"

Mail Online says Missing cargo ship Arctic Sea found and crew rescued following pirates' 1million ransom demand:
It is believed the freighter had been tracked for several days by the Russian navy, with assistance from Nato.

Yesterday, Russian defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the crew were 'alive, healthy and not under armed guard'.

He went on: 'Debriefing is under way to clarify all aspects of the disappearance and loss of signal from this vessel.

'In the coming hours we will explain what happened with it, why communications with it were lost, why it changed its itinerary.'

Secrecy surrounding the recovery of the vessel has added to the mystery of its fate.

Theories include a Russian mafia or business dispute, hijacking by pirates, or the stowing of a highly valuable 'hidden cargo' on board.
Telegraph Online is a little clearer: "Mystery as missing cargo ship Arctic Sea found without hijackers":
The missing cargo ship Arctic Sea and its crew have been found by a Russian warship off west Africa, but mystery still surrounds its disappearance as it was not under the control of armed hijackers or pirates.

As I noted here, I smell insurance fraud. Unsuccessful insurance fraud.

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