Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Friday, August 21, 2009

MV Arctic Sea Update

Not much time to post until later, but Fred Fry left a nice comment on a prior post, which summarizes nicely the current mess involving the mysterious MV Arctic Sea:

The ship appears to be headed straight to Russia:

Russia said that the ship would proceed to Novorossiiski on the Black Sea for inspection.

Krasnoshtan says that it will be interesting to see who pays Stora Enso the insurance compensation for the cargo if the ship ends up in Russia.

“If the ship continues to Russia without stopping in Algeria first, it could be possible that suspicions of a secret cargo might be true.”

Also the crew is being held in the same prison as the hijackers. How odd is that? No red carpet treatment here:
The crew members were not allowed to go home on Thursday: like the hijackers they were taken to the Lefortovo remand prison for questioning.
Vazir Fazylov, the father of seaman Dmitri Fazylov was surprised that his son was not even allowed to call home. “Nobody is saying anything. We’re just watching TV. This is stupid.”

Thanks, Fred!

Fred's homepage is here.

UPDATE: Rumors continue to fly, but one that sort of sounds "more better" than others involves a charge that the "attackers" were former crew members possibly helped by some current crew members at some point in the ship's travels - which may make sense of the current crew being held along with the "pirates" . . .

Less convincing is the suggestion that the alleged modifications to the vessel were for the return voyage ...

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