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Monday, August 31, 2009

MV Arctic Sea: No Straight Answers

The saga of the MV Arctic Sea continues as part of the crew is released:

Crew members of the Arctic Sea cargo ship joked that they had disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and been fed ice cream by pirates as they returned home to their families in Arkhangelsk on Sunday.

But the 11 sailors, who were greeted by relatives as they stepped off a train from Moscow, refused to shed any light on what had happened between July 24, when their ship was purportedly seized by hijackers near Sweden, and their rescue off the western coast of Africa by the Navy on Aug. 17.

The sailors also would not discuss their subsequent two weeks in Moscow, where investigators questioned them and only allowed them to contact relatives Thursday.

“The ship was in the sea, in the Bermuda Triangle, and the pirates fed us ice cream,” a sailor said in response to reporters’ questions about the ship’s mysterious disappearance, the news portal reported.

Asked when the crew had realized that pirates had seized the ship, a sailor said: “Immediately. It was clear from the first minute.”

Plied about life on the ship with the hijackers and being questioned in Moscow, the sailors repeatedly offered the same answer: “It wasn’t very pleasant for us,” reported.

Four other sailors from the original crew remain on the Arctic Sea and are sailing toward Novorossiisk, authorities say.

Some of you will find the Bermuda Triangle explanation pleasing.

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