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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Ship History: Half-Hitch

In wartime, a picture can save lives - and provide a little humor. One famous Navy cartoon from WWII was drawn by the artist who also brought us "Dennis the Menace: Hank Ketcham, creator of "Half Hitch".

Ketcham was an Navy Photographers Mate who brought cartoonist skill learned working for Walter Lantz and Disney to drawing war bond and other posters and - eventually - inventing a small sailor "Half-Hitch" who roamed the Navy with wide-eyed innocence - sorta.

Half Hitch was revived in the 1970's - his hair style reflects the era.

Not a lot of deep meaning - just a salute to former sailor, now gone - who brought a little humor to the workplace.

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  1. Actually, Hank Ketcham sold the rights to Half-Hitch (and all related characters) to the US Navy in 1975. He was used in internal print and video advertising to promote "Stay Navy" through the 1980s and was drawn by several enlisted Illustrator-Draftsmen (DMs). As far as anyone knows, Hitch lives in the Navy's artwork archives -- but hasn't been called back to "active duty" for a while.