Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, October 22, 2005

21 Killed on Ship Smuggling Somalis near Shabwa

It's the poor and desperate who suffer at the hands of the ruthless as noted here in a report from about October 6:
Twenty one men had been killed in an exchange of fire on Somali ship off the coast of Shabwa, press sources said last Wednesday. The fight took place at seven o’clock pm last Tuesday. Among the ship’s crew were 50 passengers of different African nationalities.

Al-Ayam newspaper quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the shoot-out happened when the ship’s captain and crew opened fire on passengers to force them off the vessel. The passengers then attacked the captain and his crew and took their guns. The confrontation resulted in the deaths of 15 passengers, mostly Ethiopians, and the ship’s six-man crew.
Tough neighborhood...

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