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Friday, October 14, 2005

Odd Cars: Dymaxion

An odd design for an automobile?
Explained here
For those that haven't heard of it, the Dymaxion Car was a teardrop-shaped (least air resistance), 3-wheeled, rear-wheel (single) steering, 20 foot long, Aluminum bodied auto, designed by Buckminster Fuller in 1933 to achieve maximum output and service with minimum material input. It was about 6 feet tall (kinda like a big van), seated the driver and 10 passengers, weighed less than 1000 lbs., went 120 miles/hr on a 90 horsepower engine, and got between 30-50 miles to the gallon of gas. Fuller referred to it as the "Dymaxion Car", "Dymaxion Vehicle", and "Omni-Medium Transport" since it was ultimately intended to go by land, water, or sky. Only three were ever built.
Quicktime videos of the car in operation here and here, More information on Buckminster Fuller here

While you are at it, you might want to look into the Dymaxion House here and ponder why they might not be a good idea for the US Gulf Coast (with modern materials being used, of course).

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