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Monday, October 24, 2005

Help and bother

A call for help and then some nonsense here. The call for help:
An envoy yesterday urged the international community to help fight piracy in Somalia.

Kenyan ambassador to Somalia, Mohamed Affey, said the hijacking of ships had increased in the past four months, adding that such incidents threaten trade.
The nonsense:
And Foreign Affairs minister Ali Mwakwere has blamed the hijackings on ship companies.

Mwakwere warned ship owners in Kenya against venturing into Somalia without adequate security.

Mwakwere told ship owners that they would be held responsible should anything happen to seamen, as they had been warned to keep off the country.
By all means, protect the seamen, but "blamed the hijackings on ships companies?"

It's the "they were asking for it" defense.

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