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Monday, October 17, 2005

Amphibious Robbery Attempt? Yikes!

Warn the Phibian that someone is taking lessons in amphbious assault as reported here:
THE adoption of amphibious tactics by robbers in their recent raid on a bank in Lagos, warns of new and more disarming robbery techniques on land. Amphibious operation, a strictly military and sea pirates strategy, was hitherto known to have been used by robbers in the creeks of Niger Delta.

But the latest bank raid was all-round military. Like a thunderbolt, 12 robbers, in combat fatigue, and armed with high-velocity rifles, disembarked from their speed boat behind the bank on a waterfront and started firing sporadically into the air and at the bank building. Simultaneously, they barricaded access roads to the bank and put road users to flight.

The robbers' swift and dare-devil advance to the bank was temporarily halted by the bank's security outfit, which had earlier, promptly informed the police of the raid. But apparently held back by superior fire-power of the robbers and inadequate manpower, the police could not respond instantly. The Marine Police, of which special responsibility is to patrol coasts and ward off intruders, were no where in sight to halt the robbers' disembarkment or to chase them away, nor were there the Naval personnel who share the same duty with the marine police.
Any idea where CDR Salamander has been traveling recently?

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