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Monday, December 12, 2005

Being a Somali pirate captive...

Reported as "Sailors recount ordeal in hands of Somali pirates":
Mutiokoh talked of tension on the vessel throughout the period of their capture. The sailors would receive orders at gunpoint and it was difficult for them to enjoy a meal or sleep, as their lives were always on the edge.

"We thank God that we are alive today. The pirates were armed and threatened to pull the trigger any time. So we lived in constant fear," he said.

Mutiokoh said the ship was hijacked as they waited for a meal and this dashed their hopes of ever walking to freedom. He said the MV Torgelow ‘s master had noticed three racing boats and set off at full speed to escape, but was soon overpowered.

"We lived like slaves, always taking orders at gunpoint. It was a very trying time as we ate and drank what they gave us. We prayed throughout for our release," he said.

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