Saturday, December 10, 2005

Latest ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping (to 7 Dec 2005)

Go here and click on the date. Highlight:
1. SOMALIA: An unidentified tanker reported being chased 06 Dec while underway in position 12:01N, 050:35E. The vessel reported
seeing individuals in speedboats armed with machine guns and other
weapons. The master contacted the owners and requested assistance
from Coalition naval vessels in the area. The tanker was proceeding
from Dubai to southern waters of Somalia to supply fuel to fishing
vessels in the area (IMB).
More on the tanker story here:
ship has narrowly escaped being hijacked by pirates in northern Somalia.

The vessel, mv Sirchai Petroleum II, was said to be on its way to deliver fuel to fishing vessels in southern Somalia on Monday morning.

Seafarers Assistance Programme (SAP) coordinator Andrew Mwangura told the Nation yesterday that he had been informed by the vessel owners that the attack occurred at 10am.

"Immediately the hijackers appeared, the master started speeding," he said.

The hijackers sprayed the ship with bullets, but the speed saved the ship and her 10-man crew, said Mr Mwangura.

No one was hurt, but the condition of the ship is not yet clear.

"The initial information was centred on the crew. We are still trying to find out the condition of the vessel," said Mr Mwangura.

The attack occurred near Haradhere, an area that appears to be under the total control of pirates.

There are also reports that a container vessel was hijacked on November 28.

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