Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Iraqis pick up the oil watch

Caption & credit: An Iraqi marine helps guard the Al Abasra Oil Terminal in the Persian Gulf. HYUNSOO LEO KIM / THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT
Reported here. Amidst less important information:
The Iraqi navy consists of four patrol boats, given to Iraq by the United Arab Emirates, and a few small, fast boarding boats.

The new sailors operate the patrol boats, and the marines watch from the platforms. Iraqi marines have taken full control of guarding KAAOT. (Eagle1 note: KAAOT= Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal)

“They’ve made a significant amount of progress,” said British Capt. Paddy McAlpine, who overseas the operation from the San Jacinto. “At some point in the future, we’ll be able to stand back.”
Iraqis guarding Iraqi oil- wonderful. Post from November showing a US sailor on watch here.

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