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Friday, December 09, 2005

Pirates and the price of fish in Nigeria

One more cost of having pirates roam your coast, as reported here:
Nigeria’s high spending on importation of fish yearly has been attributed partly to the activities of poachers and pirates on the country’s inshore water and economic zones.
The National President of the Nigerian Trawler Owners Association, Engr. Sam Azebokhai, made this known in a chat with Agricbusiness in Lagos during the week.

According to him, the country has lost more than N600,000 million to pirate attacks on trawlers on their way to or from the fishing grounds.
“Pirate attacks on trawlers on their way to or from the fishing grounds have been on the increase in recent years. Lives, money, personal effects, catches and valuable equipment have been lost to these attacks. Piracy attacks of fishing vessels at sea has continued to-date. Between 1999 and 2005, many of our vessels had been attacked and lives lost in the hands of these bandits.”
Might be good reason to spend some more money on your Coast Guard and Navy...

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