Friday, December 09, 2005

Turkey-CIA Inquiry.

Noted here:
Turkey's main opposition party on Friday called for a parliamentary inquiry into alleged CIA activities following media reports that a plane operated by the U.S. intelligence agency landed in the country recently.

The government confirmed last week that a plane described in the reports landed in Turkey twice in the past two months, but could not say whether it was operated by the CIA.

The opposition Republican Peoples' Party submitted a petition requesting a parliamentary investigation, saying the allegations could harm the country's reputation.

The inquiry should look into allegations that CIA officials were 'involved in activities that go against international agreements under the guise of preventing terrorist activity,' the Republican Peoples' Party said...

...The call also follows allegations by the lawyer of a suspected al-Qaida militant who claimed his client was recently questioned by foreign agents inside an Istanbul prison where he is being held. The airport where the alleged CIA plane landed is close to the prison.

Earlier this month, the lawyer of Loa'i al-Saqa, a Syrian detained in August on suspicion of planning to ram a boatload of explosives into a cruise ship carrying Israeli tourists, claimed his client was illegally questioned by foreign agents, possibly working for the CIA.

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