Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kenya's navy escorts cruise ships in Kenyan waters

Hoping to prevent a spillover from neighboring Somalia's pirates into its territorial water, Keny has begun escorting cruise ships in Kenyan waters as reported here:
The Kenya Navy has stepped up patrols on the Kenyan coastline to stave off pirate attacks on the country's territorial waters.

The increased surveillance follows cases of piracy on the Somali coastline, executed by rag-tag armies of warlords in the neighbouring country, still grappling with the effects of years of war.

With a government that is yet to stamp its authority, Somalia's coastline is providing fertile ground for pirates and lawlessness...

...Military spokesman Bogita Ongeri said: "We are offering the vessel security escort. Its last port of call was the Seychelles before they began approaching our waters. We haven't had any incidents of piracy on our waters but you have heard of them in neighbouring countries. We shall give an escort to any vessel that gives us time schedules."

"Our coastline has radars which can detect approaching vessels. We are alert and the Navy has intensified patrols so that we avoid ugly incidents. As long as there is exchange of information with other countries ... we have the capacity to fully secure our waters," Mr Ongeri told reporters.

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