Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Sunday, December 04, 2005

How to earn a Silver Star

Caption from:
United States Central Command Home Page
"GENERAL John P. Abizaid, Commander, USCENTCOM, Awards the Silver Star to SSG Patrick Brannan,1st Scout leader of Scouts, HHC, 2-503 IN. On the Morning of 03 May 2005, he led a joint American-Afghan mounted patrol to the village of Khanry in the southern area of the Khakiafghan district in the Zabul povince of Afghanistan. They courageously pursued what was an estimated 60-100 man AQAM (Al Qaida and Associated Militants) element. He heroically lead his soldiers through one of the most intense firefights in the past 3 years of combat operations in Afghanistan. These actions lead to a significant one-sided US victory with at least 49 enemy combatants killed or captured and AQAM operations in Deh Chopan substantially disrupted."
Of course, the whole story was probably covered by the news media...wasn't it?

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