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Friday, February 09, 2007

Anti-whaling activists toss acid, injure humans

Reported here,:
Japan expressed outrage on Friday after anti-whaling activists poured acid on the decks of a whaling ship in the Southern Ocean and slightly injured two crew members, terming their activities "piratical, terrorist acts".

"These are completely piratical, dangerous acts," said the official, Hideki Moronuki. "They are also very dangerous, and we want them to stop this immediately."

Sea Shepherd said on its Web site that it had "successfully delivered" six litres of butyric acid to the ship's flensing deck, where whales are cut up, halting the crew's work.

Two Japanese crewmen were injured, one when he was hit in the face by an empty container of acid and the other when acid was squirted into one of his eyes.

Butyric acid, which Sea Shepherd said was non-toxic, is a corrosive chemical and contact can cause severe irritation and burns of the eyes and skin, leading to permanent damage.

Moronuki said one of the Japanese crewmen was having difficulty opening his eye and the full extent of his injuries had yet to be determined. The other had a cut on his face, but neither appeared to be seriously hurt.
Interesting set of priorities...

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