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Friday, February 16, 2007

The next time some Yankee tells me about how well prepared for winter weather they are...

I'm sure its "global warming "lake effect, etc, snow related, but ...6 Inches of Ice Close Pennsylvania Highways:
A thick layer of ice kept major highways closed Friday morning, a day after hundreds of drivers became stranded on a hilly stretch of eastern Pennsylvania that had been hit by a monster storm.

National Guard troops used Humvees to ferry in food, fuel and baby supplies on Thursday to the lines of motorists caught in a 50-mile traffic jam on Interstate 78. Friday morning, the troops were busy towing away the remaining vehicles while road crews struggled to melt ice that had built up four to six inches in places.

Some drivers were angry that they had been let on the road at all. State police didn't close all the entrance ramps to I-78 until around 5 p.m. Thursday, more than 24 hours after cars and trucks started getting caught. They also closed sections of I-81 and I-80, to help keep the area clear.

"Why would they have that exit open if they were just going to let us sit there?" said a crying Deborah Miller. Her 5-year-old son was trapped in the car with her, running a 103-degree fever from strep throat.
Unlike when some threat of snow closes down my fair city, I have not been ringing up my friends in Pennsylvania telling them what wusses they are for letting a litttle bad weather stop their daily operations. However, the temptation is great...

And as for Deorah Miller's question...some people do listen to the radio to keep track of weather and road conditions before they set out in a car with a sick 5 year know, that "personal responsibility" thing

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