Monday, February 26, 2007

What it is

Posting has been and may continue to be a little slow for a couple of days. The Eagle Mate came down suddenly with an acute illness that has necessitated some ER time and hospital care probably until next Monday, with a little surgery (well, we hope little) tossed in.

The Eagle Mate is, I am pleased to report, visibly improving as those antibiotic wonders do their thing.

Not as serious as some things in the illness line, but one that would lead down the same path as those if not taken care of properly. Which is,of course, what we are trying to do. Now. And we know a lot more about the symptoms. Now. Hindsight being what it is.

Meantime, life goes on and the number of balls in the air remains the same even if Eagle Mate is not feeling up to par. Things are beginning to fall into a "new" normal and the oldest Eaglet is returning to the nest to help out. The youngest one being helpful and at home but still in school, so... it'll be nice to have another pair of hands to help with the juggling.

The other two kids are in constant contact, on standby, with fingers posed over the "fly home" button if needed.

So we are just maintaining course and speed. A little extra rudder needed to hold the course, but we're hanging on.

Thanks for whatever kind thoughts you may have.

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