Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Heroism: Captain Dabney and Hill 881 South

Courage under fire?

Read this and learn about more heroism in one small area than the media ever reported for the entire Vietnam war.
When Dabney recalled the bravery of the helicopter crewmen, he also remembered the Shore Party Marines serving as HST. "I have always thought of them as my HSTs. They did, as a matter of routine, what would have, in any other circumstances, been deserving of many heroic awards. I do not recall any medevac, resupply or external load hook-up where the zone was not 'hot.'

"The antiaircraft rounds were always whipping by and the 120 mm mortar rounds were often 'on the way,' and they knew it, yet they did their duty till the bird was gone, then ran like hell and dove into the nearest hole. (I often thought that the way they stood, with their backs to the NVA guns as they guided the helos in, was a superb gesture of disdain.)"

Hat tip: NOSI.

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