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Thursday, February 19, 2009

ICC Live Piracy Report

The International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Serices Weekly Piracy Report has been replaced with the ICC CCS Live Piracy Report which carries reports of piracy for a 10 day period. You can view the Live Piracy Report here.

Some highlights:
12.02.2009: 1430 UTC: Posn: 13:09N - 049:09E, Gulf of Aden. Five pirates armed with RPGs in a black/white coloured speed boat approached and fired upon a bulk carrier underway. They attempted to board the ship from the port side using a steel ladder. Master raised alarm, sent distress messages and took evasive manoeuvres. The coalition forces sent a helicopter to the location. After 10 minutes, pirates aborted their attack.

12.02.2009: 0001 UTC: Posn: 12:44N – 047:46.2E, Gulf of Aden. Five pirates in a boat fired upon and chased a tanker underway. The boat came as close as 10 meters from the ship. The master increased speed; raised alarm carried out evasive maneuvers and contacted UKMTO Dubai. A coalition warship contacted the tanker and proceeded towards the ship. The pirates aborted the attempt after around 40 minutes.

11.02.2009: 0630 UTC: Posn: 10:39N - 055:54E, off Socotra islands, Somalia. Five pirates armed with RPG and assault guns in a light blue coloured boat approached and attempted to board a bulk carrier underway. They fired towards the accommodation. The Master increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres and crew activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted the attempt. A Russian warship has been in contact with the ship.

11.02.2009: 1130 UTC: Posn: 12:59N - 048:16E: Gulf of Aden.A skiff with seven persons armed with guns approached a vessel underway. The pirates attempted to board but due to evasive manoeuvres taken by the vessel, they failed to board. Warships and helicopters were contacted and investigated the incident.
This new and improved version features a Google map for each incident.

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