Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 147 at gCaptain.com - lots of great nautical stuff, including pictures of SS Maxim Gorkiy which may be headed for the dust bin of history.

CDR Salamander finds a kindred spirit concerning the LCS. Galrahn has other thoughts about the deeper questions behind the LCS:
The problem isn't the ship, at least in my opinion, the problem is the expectations the ship can do too many things it is not built to do, and the belief by too many that the criteria of being seen a certain way is the only way the platform sells. Here is something people need to accept, the ship is already sold, there will be many built. The question is, why and for what purpose? It isn't a tactical question, it is a strategic and political question.
Heck answer those questions and win $50 from the duck. Oh, and the article they link to is here:
The threat of piracy and the war on terror are given as justifications for the need of an LCS type ship. They are indeed weak reeds. If we changed the rules of engagement for the Task Force ships engaging the pirates and destroyed the shore-based infrastructure that supports their operations, piracy would become less attractive.

For a warship to stand by and do nothing as a hijacked ship is sailed to a pirate holding area should not be an option. Moreover, it is abundantly clear that a lightly armed defensive platform is marginally useful against terrorists operating ashore.
I've already made clear that I think you could lease and "engineer" a pretty good anti-pirate force force for a whole lot less than 1/5 of an LCS, see here and here at the Naval Institute blog. I gotta believe that a lot of full fleet lieutenants and some hard-charging crews chasing pirates would slow their illegal activities.

Steeljaw notes the retirement of a good and faithful servant of the people.

Kennebec Captain looks at the nautical slide rule and surprises me with info that some bridge watches don't use them, though he himself does - faithfully.

Pinch shows us "decorating" - "birdmen of the air" style.

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