Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BBC Reporter Finds Piracy Patrol Frustrating and Boring

BBC reporter spends a few days on a Royal Navy frigate, probably hoping for a big story, but finds things are not all that exciting - as set out here:
The most tangible sign that the Northumberland has made a difference during its three months with the EU anti-piracy taskforce has been its success escorting ships carrying food aid into Somali ports.

It has had rather less joy catching pirates or stepping into prevent attacks. On three occasions, the most latest being the case of the MV Saldanha this weekend, the frigate has arrived just too late.

Whether because they were too far away - or because no alarm was raised - the crew has three times had the frustrating experience of watching a hijacked ship sail off over the horizon.
Five part series, all links available.

UPDATE: (25 Feb 09) - Another reporter on the same ship found it a little more exciting.

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