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Sunday, February 01, 2009

More on that "Iranian" Arms Ship

For background, see here. Latest report from here:
Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou has said that the government is still investigating whether weaponry carried by a Russian owned ship comes under UN resolutions banning arms exports by Iran.

The ship is now anchored about two nautical miles off the coast of Limassol pending further decisions by the Cyprus government.

Press reports said the ship may be brought into Limassol port so that a complete inspection on its cargo can by carried out.

Mr Kyprianou said he could not comment on this information and added that many of the details carried by news media were not correct.

He called for patience for a few days until the matter is resolved.

The "Monchegorsk", a Russian-owned ship which is registered in Cyprus, had been escorted to Cyprus by an American warship, on suspicion that it is carrying military equipment from Iran, in contravention of a UN security council resolution.

Russian authorities are dismissing american charges about arms trafficking.

U.S. military officials said personnel from the U.S. Navy last week boarded the vessel, travelling from Iran to Syria, and found a weapons shipment, but for legal reasons did not confiscate the cargo.

Well informed sources say the cargo of the ship includes specialised materials which could be used in the manufacture of rockets.
Just for fun, here's how the ship might look through a periscope:

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