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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Russian Nuke Expert ordered to US for investigation

Hmm. Interesting report from the NYT here:
SWISS ORDER RUSSIAN NUCLEAR EXPERT TO U.S. A Swiss court ordered the extradition of Russia's former top nuclear energy official, Yevgeny O. Adamov, to the United States, where he is accused of stealing as much as $9 million from the Department of Energy. Mr. Adamov, above, who was arrested in Bern in May on a warrant from the United States, has asked to be sent home to Russia, whose competing claim for extradition was rebuffed. He is accused of diverting American money for nuclear security programs and also of fraud and money laundering. He has denied the charges, and has 30 days to appeal the Swiss decision. The American case against him has been strongly opposed by Russia, where officials have said they fear the United States will use the charges as leverage to coax nuclear secrets from him. Russia denounced the Swiss court's ruling.

Liberals Against Terrorism has more here and links to this Pittsburgh Post Gazette article.

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