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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World Food Program ship held by Somali pirates for 100 days now safe

BBC NEWS reports Somali hijack ship 'safe' in port:
A ship carrying food aid that was hijacked by pirates has arrived in the Somali port of El-Maan, the UN says.
Owners of the MV Semlow, which was hijacked in June, said the 10 crew members were now released and unharmed.

Despite initial fears of plunder, most of its rice cargo intended for Somali victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami, is intact, the United Nations says.

The ship was finally released on the weekend in a deal brokered between the pirates and a Somali businessman.

'Drinking seawater'

The UN-chartered Semlow, which had run out of fuel, was towed into the port by another ship carrying an Egyptian cargo that was seized last week.

Somalia's dangerous waters

"I am a very relieved man. We have had a lot of stress for the last 100 days," Inayet Kudrati, director of the Motaku Shipping Agency which owns the vessel told Reuters news agency.
Good news.

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