Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Reading

It's a birthday at Information Dissemination! Go wish Galrahn a happy day!

And Fred Fry has Maritime Monday 113 up over at gCaptain.com which is also celebrating its birthday! Fred has port operations in the Sudan and a hundred billion links! Well, I didn't actually count them, but he has a bunch. Get thee hence.

Commander Salamander has new posts that are all worth reading - mosey on over there, too. Lots of concern over the direction our navy is wandering off to.

Steeljaw Scribe lets Southern Air Pirate post a return home postcard: "The Song that Never Ends":
As we talk about my home coming there is some one else being told to get ready or singling up the lines to leave and some are being called in the middle of the night that they have 24 hours to be at an air terminal ready to go.

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