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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bill Roggio Counters "The Inaccurate Taliban Offensive"

Over at the Counterterrorism Blog, Bill Roggio sorts through the hash the MSM has made of reports on a Taliban offensive. Reported here:
The news reports of a major Taliban offensive in southeastern Afghanistan are inaccurate, as Coalition offensives and Taliban attacks have been lumped together to give the impression of a coordinated Taliban assault in multiple provinces. A reading of the various reports indicates that while the Taliban has launched a major strike on a police station and government center in Helmand province and a small scale attack on a police patrol in Ghazni, as well as two suicide attacks against U.S. contractors in Herat and an Afghan army base in Ghazni, the fighting in Kandahar was initiated by Afghan and Coalition security forces during planned operations.
Bill also addresses the potential impact of such misleading reporting.

A very worthwhile read.

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