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Friday, May 19, 2006

Yemen: Key to Red Sea piracy is Somalia

Yemen says, at a meeting of thr Marine Safety Commission reported here:
The government of Yemen believes that piracy and armed attacks against ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden is coherent to the miserable situation in Somalia.
But it said "the problem can be solved through doubling efforts of all countries in the region and the international community."
In Yemen's speech to the 81st round of the Marine Safety Commission being held in London, the executive director of the General Marine Affairs Authority Khalid Ibrahim al-Wazeer said the Yemen is contacting with the regional countries to appoint a meeting in October in order to sign an understanding memo pertaining to the marine safety and fighting see piracy against ships.
Al-Wazeer pointed to the Sana'a Forum for Cooperation meeting early this month that approved setting up an consultative secretariat to coordinate efforts in fighting sea piracy.
The foreign ministers of the Sana'a Forum for Cooperation countries announced commitment to fight sea pirates and other terror acts in the territorial waters of Somalia and other countries that threaten maritime safety. They called the international community to support the forum countries in terms of coast guards.
The researcher Abdul-Qawi Ghalib, specialized in African refugees affairs told NewsYemen the importunate problem of Somali refugees creates "undesirable reactions by refugees themselves".
Yemen is the only Asian country that receives those numerous numbers of refugees whom the Gulf states disallow them to enter their lands.
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is very keen to guarantee maritime security in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden which have been classified as "red regions" on the international navigation map due to spreading piracy and armed acts against the passing ships.

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